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Warranty Life Partners With Scandit To Release Industry-Changing API

July 10th, 2012

We’ve just released an API that will enable users to sell extended warranties in the USA and Canada. No other provider currently enables this function. This release will enable opportunities for developers and businesses all over the world.

Our APIs provide the ability for users to access warranty plans from a number of categories including cell phones, tablets, computers, appliances, furniture, tools and electronics. Virtually any consumer electronic product you can think of can be covered by matching warranty at a competitive price. The API is simple to use and allows developers efficient access to sell a variety of warranty plans. All plans are fully insured and supported by some of the most reputable warranty providers in the US and Canada.

To further enhance these capabilities, we’ve entered into an exclusive partnership with Scandit, where developers who utilize barcode scanning can have access to sell warranties.

Scandit has a newly released database with over 20 million universal product codes and is a leading provider of mobile barcode scanning technology. Scandit already has hundreds of deployments on their system, including an application from Livingsocial.

Visit our developer page to learn more!

Read the Techvibes.com article here.

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