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5 Channel 11lbs Remote Shaved Door Kit

QUICK, CLEAN, PAINLESS SHAVE! Dont just unlock your doors, but open them! AutoLocs shaved door handle kits allow you to open your drivers and passengers doors by remote or button! These kits come with your choice of high torque solenoids or actuators guaranteed to open the toughest of doors. All systems include detailed instructions, friendly tech. support, 1/16 pre-stretched stainless steel cable, wiring, all mounting hardware, cable guide, aluminum crimps, heavy-duty backup button, 2 long range remotes, and a limited lifetime warranty! Get the kit that best fits your ride! All AutoLoc kits are avaible in 5, 6, 7, 10, 16, or 18 channel systems with your choice of 11, 15, 35, or 50lbs solenoids. You can also upgrade any kit with an alarm for maximum protection to your vehicle. The AutoLoc shaved door handle kits comes complete with 2 solenoid (11 lbs) and 2 remotes. The kit offers the following features: Heavy Duty Low Impact Solenoids: At the heart of any shaved door handle system is the solenoid. If the solenoid you install doesnt have the power and durability to reliably open your latches on the first pull you will be stuck with endless headaches and burned out solenoids. The AutoLoc shaved door handle kit is perfect for light applications where space is highly limited. With Built In Relay Technology, which eliminates the need to wire up external relays, and an extremely slim profile, this kit will fit in locations that other shaved door kits of similar strength cannot while still delivering a consistent 11lbs of pull, which is good for light latches. AutoLocs Built in Relay Technology (B.I.R.T) insures quick & easy installation. Old and outdated shaved door handle kits required you to wire up external relays. These external relays increase the complexity of the installation and are prone for failure. Only AutoLoc offers B.I.R.T (built in relay technology) resulting in the most reliable and easiest installed shaved door handle kits on the market. Built in relays increase reliability, while reducing installation wiring time by over 70%. Installation is easy as 1, 2, 3! 1. Simply mount the solenoid or actuator on each door. 2. Connect only 1 wire from the solenoid or actuator to the receiver 3. Connect power and ground to the receiver, your done! No Delay: Most shaved door handle kits on the market are sold with receivers designed for a remote trunk release, not shaved door handles. This means youll have to push the button twice or hold it down for more than three seconds. AutoLoc solenoids are specifically designed for prompt activation, ensuring that your doors will open without delay. Long Range Remotes: Each kit also includes a pair of long range 5-channel remotes and computerized receiver with a range of over 300 feet. Having 5 channels means convenience. Button 1 pops the drivers door and button 2 pops the passenger door, while the third and forth button produces a constant negative output that can be used to operate power trunks, windows, sunroofs, remote starts and more. With 5 channels controlling your doors and an extra channel for power accessories, youll be in complete control from the palm of your hand. Code Rolling Technology: Todays car thief uses \"code grabbing\" machines to duplicate a standard car alarm code. Once the car thief has the code he retransmits it out and deactivates the car alarm. At the same time the doors unlock and the car thief has full access to the car. AutoLocs code rolling technology insures your cars safety by changing codes on the receiver after each transmission. To insure maximum protection AutoLocs code rolling technology also allows you to delete lost or stolen codes. 2 Emergency Back Up Buttons: Lose the remote? battery go dead? No problem, all AutoLoc shaved door handle systems come with an emergency back up button that you hide on the outside of the vehicle. You may also choose to upgrade to a heavy duty water proof button. Independent Buttons: Push button 1, to open your drivers door, and button 2 to open your passengers door. Push button 3 or 4 to produces a constant negative output. You can use this output to operate an accessory such as your trunk, windows, or remote start.

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