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7mm - 140 Gr Spitzer Partition (Per 50)

7mm - 140 Gr Spitzer Partition (Per 50)
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Favored the world over for its superior penetration and bone-crushing stopping power, the Nosler Partition bullet provides the ultimate in accuracy, controlled expansion and weight retention in any caliber, on any game, and in any situation. Nosler Partition is truly the standard of excellence and value in big game hunting bullets.


- Fully tapered jacket ruptures instantly at the thin jacket mouth, yet the gradual thickening along the bullet's axis controls expansion and curls the jacket uniformly outward, at high or low velocities.
- Nosler's special lead alloy dual core construction provides superior mushrooming characteristics at virtually all impact velocities.
- Nosler's integral partition supports the expanded mushroom and retains the rear lead alloy core.
- Special crimp locks in the rear core section, adding strength to resist deformation under the pressure of heavy magnums.
- Enclosed rear core retains more than half the original bullet weight for deep penetration.

Technical Specifications:

140 Grain Spitzer
Diameter: .284"

Sectional Density: .248
Ballistic Coefficient: .434

*Sectional Density: The ratio of a bullet's weight, in pounds, to the square of its diameter, in inches.
*Ballistic Coefficient: The ratio of a bullet's sectional density to its coefficient of form, used to describe the bullet's effectiveness in overcoming air resistance during flight.

Note: These are component bullets, not loaded ammunition.

Warranty: Warranted against manufacturer defects.

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