Get more cash for your stuff

Products people buy today no longer become useful to us at some point. When we’re done with our stuff, it often sits in the closet collecting dust only to toss it in the garbage one day when we get around to it.

The longer you wait, the less it’s worth.

Save time, make more money

By keeping proper track of things you own, you’ll save a time, and get more value out of the everything you own.
Here is how:

Track your receipts. Load them into Warranty Life or automate this process from one of our many partners. We track the manufacturer warranty and any protection plans you may have purchased.

End of life

When you are done with your product, you’ve got your product information, receipt and proof of any remaining warranty.

Sell it.

Items with good descriptions, documentation and remaining warranty fetch much higher prices. We make it convenient for you to list your products and help you sell it for more money!

-Tip: buyers like products with good descriptions, documentation and with all our warranties being transferrable, you’ll get a faster sale and more money for the items you sell.

Always buy your and track all your warranties and protection plans with Warranty Life.

Get more when you bring it to life!