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I haven’t gotten an email confirmation for the warranty I purchased, can you help?

The most likely cause is the confirmation got caught in your Spam or Junk folder, or we may even have had an email issue. We cannot generate another confirmation for you, however all the information is in your online account associated with the email in the system.

To find this, please go the log in page located at I fyou do not know your password, use the “Forgot Your Password” feature and enter your email. A password reset will be sent to your email box, you can then use that to Log In.

You can then go to the My Account section in the top right hand side and look at Account History. It wil list your purchases and receipt. You may also go to Your Inventory and see the product coverage there, with Terms & Conditions etc.

If you still cannot find it, please email with your First and Last Name, email, and phone number and we’ll look into it.

Can I buy a warranty on items used by a company for business use?

Yes you can buy warranties on items used by a company as long as the item covered is NOT used for rental purposes.

What is a replacement warranty?

A replacement warranty provides a direct replacement of your product if it fails, or replacement credit for the amount you spent at the store. No need to send it to a repair shop for fixing. This warranty is usually available on lower costs items. Our system will offer it to you if it applies.

What items are eligible for warranty coverage?

We cover anything with a plug and or electronic item. We also have furniture plans, protection for beauty products as well as exercise equipment. Below is just a guideline.

A/C Sealed Refrigeration System
Air Purifer
All In One Washer/Dryer
Baby Monitor
Blender - Hand
Blender - Upright
Blood Pressue Monitor
Bread Machine
Can Opener - Electric
Clock Radio
Coffee Machine
Coffee Machine
Coffee Maker/Toaser/Griddle
Coffee/Espresso Combo
Coffee/Espresso Combo
Cold Water Dispenser
Cooktop - Electric
Cooktop - Gas
Cooktop + Microwave Drawer
Cooktop Module - Deep Fryer
Cooktop Module - Griddle
Cooktop Module - Radiant Element
Cooktop Module - Wok Burner
Cooktop Module - Steamer
D/W Electronic Control Board
D/W Motor/Pump Assembly
Deep Fryer
Dishwasher - Built In
Dishwasher - Portable
Dishwasher -Drawer
Dryer - Electric
Dryer - Gas
Dryer - Steam
Dryer Motor
Electric Heating Elements
Electric Skillet
Fan Refrigerator - Humidor
Fireplace - Electric
Floor Polisher
Food Grinder
Food Processor
Foot Bath/Massager
Freezer - Chest
Freezer - Drawer
Freezer - Upright
Front Washer Motor/Ctr Post Assembly
Garbage Disposal
Garbage Disposal
Garbage Disposal Motor
Gas Heating Elements
Griddle - Electric
Grill - Electric 
Grill - Gas
Grill - Electric 
Grill - Gas
Health/Beauty Aids
Heart Rate Monitor
Hot Water Dispenser
Ice Cream/Yogurt Machine
Ice Maker
Kitchenette - Stove/Refrig/Sink (*sink not coverable)
Knife/Slicer - Electric
Massager - Handheld
Microwave - Built In or OTR
Microwave - Countertop
Microwave - Countertop
Microwave - Drawer
Microwave Magnetron Tube
Microwave/Coffee Maker
Microwave/Convection Oven
Microwave/Convection Oven
Mini Kitchen Bake/Roase/Broil
Mixer - Hand
Mixer - Upright
Range - Dual
Range - Electric
Range - Gas
Range  Hood
Range + Microwave Drawer
Refrigerator - Beverage Center
Refrigerator - Beverage Center
Refrigerator - Bottom with Ice
Refrigerator - Bottom/No Ice
Refrigerator - Compact
Refrigerator - Compact
Refrigerator - Drawer
Refrigerator - Humidor
Refrigerator - Humidor
Refrigerator - Kegerator
Refrigerator - Kegerator
Refrigerator - Kimchi
Refrigerator - No Freezer
Refrigerator - SXS with Ice
Refrigerator - SXS/No Ice
Refrigerator - Top with Ice
Refrigerator - Top/No Ice
Refrigerator Sealed Refrigeration System
Room Air - Heat/Cool
Room Air - Heat/Cool
Room Air - Portable
Room Air - Portable
Room Air - Window/Thru Wall
Room Air - Window/Thru Wall
Room Air - Zoneline
Rotary Iron
Sandwich/Pizza Maker
Sewing Machine
Shaving System
Slow Cooker
Space Heater
Steamer/Rice Cooker
Tea/Water Kettle
Toaster Oven
Top Washer Transmission
Trash Compactor
Trash Compactor
Trash Compactor Motor
Vacuum - Wet/Dry
Vacuum - Wet/Dry
Ventilation Motor
Waffle Maker
Wall Oven - Double/Electric
Wall Oven - Double/Gas
Wall Oven - Single/Electric
Wall Oven - Single/Gas
Wall Oven - Single/Refrigerated
Wall Oven/Microwave Combo
Wall Oven/Microwave/Warming Drawer
Warming Drawer
Washer - Front
Washer - Top
Washer/Dryer Combo
Washer/Dryer Motor
Washing Dispensing Pedestal
Water Cooler
Water Cooler
Water Softener
Wine Cellar Cooling Unit (up to $600)
Wine Cooler
Wine Cooler

3D Glasses
3D Sync Transmitter
Audio CD Recorder
Audio Headphones
Audio Keyboard
Audio Speakers
Audio Subwoofer/Amplifier
Audio Voice Recorder
Audio/Video Component
Camcorder - Digital
Camcorder - VHS
Camera - Still Digital
Camera - Still NonDigital
Camera Lens
Car Alarm Sensor
Car Alarm System
Car Amplifier
Car Antenna
Car Audio Expansion Module
Car Audio Headphones
Car Capacitor
Car CD Player/Changer
Car CD/Cassette Receiver
Car CD/MP3 Receiver
Car Databus Doorlock Interface
Car DVD Player/Receiver
Car Hand Free Kit
Car Ipod Adapter
Car IPOD Dock Connector
Car Monitor - Flipdown
Car Monitor - Headrest
Car Monitor - In Dash
Car Monitor - Overhead
Car Navigational System
Car Power Inverter
Car Radar Detector
Car Radio Adapter
Car Radio Interface
Car Rearview Camera
Car Remote
Car Remote Starter
Car Satellite Radio
Car Scanner
Car Speakers
Car Steering Wheel Interface
Car Subwoofer
Car Touch Screen
Car TV/DVD Player
Cash Register
CD Player - Portable
CD Walkman
Citizen Band Radio
Compact Disc Player
Compact Stereo
Compact Stereo with CD
Computer Speakers
Copy Machine
Digital Audio Tape Player
Digital Book Reader
Digital Media Receiver
Digital Media/Music Manager
Digital Photo Frame
Digital Satellite Receiver
Digital Voice Recorder
DVD Palm Theater
DVD Player/Recorder
DVD/CD Labeler
DVD-Video Disc Creator
External CD/DVD ROM
External Flash Drive
External Hard Drive
Eye Trek Glasses
Fax Machine
GPS - Portable
Handheld/Pocket PC
Hard Disc Recorder
HDTV Converter/Decoder
Home Theater Battery Back Up
Home Theater In A Box
Home Theater Speaker Package
IPOD Boombox
IPOD Clock Radio
IPOD Dock Connector
IPOD Docking Station
IPOD Speakers
Karaoke Machine
Marine - ADF/FRS Radio
Marine - Autopilot - Electric
Marine - Autopilot - Tiller
Marine - Chartplotter - Fishfinder
Marine - Chartplotter - Fixed
Marine - Chartplotter - Handheld
Marine - Depth Sounder
Marine - DVD Player
Marine - EPIRB
Marine - Fishfinder
Marine - GPS - Fixed Mount
Marine - GPS - Handheld
Marine - GPS - Landbased
Marine - GPS/Chartplotter
Marine - Hailers/Speakers
Marine - Radar - CRT
Marine - Radar - Integrated
Marine - Radar - LCD
Marine - Stereo System
Marine - VHF Radio - Fixed Mount
Marine - VHF Radio - Handheld
Marine - Weather Fax
Marine -Autopilot - Wheel
Micro Audio System
Mini Audio System
Modem - External Fax
Monitor - Desktop
Monitor - LCD Flat Panel
MP3 Player - Audio
MP3 Player - Audio/Video
Multimedia Player/Recorder
Paper Shredder
PDA - Personal Digital Assistant
Portable Radio
Printer - Inkjet
Printer - Laser
Printer - Multifunction
Printer - Photo
Receiver  - Audio/Video
Receiver - Audio
Remote Control Docking Station
Satellite Radio
Satellite Radio Docking Station
Stereo Box
Stereo Box with CD
Surge Protector
Telephone - Corded
Telephone - Cordless
Telephone Answering Machine
Two Way Radio
Universal Remote Control
Video Antenna
Video Converter/Enhancer
Video Game Console
Video Game Controller
Video Game Remote Charger

3D Glasses
3D Sync Transmitter
Amplified Speakers/Subwoofer
Audio Adapters
Audio CD Recorder
Audio Headphones
Audio Keyboard
Audio Modules
Audio Speakers
Audio Subwoofer/Amplifier
Audio Voice Recorder
Audio/Video Component
AV Cabinet
AV Cabinet - Lowboy
Blind/Drape/Shade Control
Cameras - Board/Bullet/Dome
Cameras - Hidden
Cameras - Magnifying
Cameras - Motion Detector
Cameras - Motorized
Cameras - Night Vision/Infrared
Cameras - Outdoor
Cameras - Pan/Tilt/Zoom
Cameras - Smoke Detector Style
Cameras - Ultracompact
Cameras - Wireless
Closed Circuit Television
Communication Camera
Compact Disc
Computerized Game Console
Controllers - Climate
Controllers - Dimmers
Controllers - Handheld
Controllers - Lighting
Controllers - System
Controllers - Tabletop
Controllers - Volume
Controllers - Wall Mount
Digital Media Receiver
Digital Media/Music Manager
Digital Satellite Receiver
Digital Video Modulator
Digital Video Recorder (TIVO)
D-ILA Projection TV
D-ILA Projector
DLP 3D Projection TV
DLP LED Projection TV
DLP Projection TV
DLP Projector
DVD Home Theater System
DVD Player/Recorder
DVR with Hard Drive
DVR with Multiple Channels
DVR with Single Channel
Entertainment Center
Eye Trek Glasses
Hard Disk Recorder
HDTV Converter/Decoder
Home Security
Home Theater Battery Back Up
Home Theater Components
Home Theater Cooling Fans
Home Theater Seating
Home Theater Speaker Package
Interface - Doorbell
Interface - Intercom
Interface - IPOD
Interface - Telephone
Keypads - Tabletop
Keypads - Wall Mount
Laservue Projection TV
LCD Flat Panel TV
LCD Projection TV
LCD Projector
LCOS Projection TV
LCOS Projector
LIFI Projection TV
Multimedia Internet Link
Multimedia Player/Recorder
Multimedia Storage Server
Network Ethernet Adapter
Network Ethernet Switch
Network Music Player
Plasma 3D TV
Plasma TV
Plasma with Built in DVR
Projection Screen
Quad Processor
Quad Processor/Switcher
Quad Splitter
Receiver - Audio
Receiver - Audio/Video
Remote Blind Opener
Remote Control Docking Station
Satellite Radio
Security Monitor
Sequential Switcher
Speaker Stand
Speakers - In Wall
Speakers - Outdoor
Speakers - Powered
Splitter - Multi Camera
Switchers - Video
Switchers -Audio
System with 1 Camera
System with 4 Cameras
System with B&W Monitor/1 Camera
System with B&W Monitor/4 Cameras
System with Color Monitor/1 Camera
System with Color Monitor/4 Cameras
System with Internet Monitor
System with Internet/1 Camera
System with Internet/4 Cameras
System with Monitor/Multiplex/1 Camera
System with Monitor/Multiplex/4 Cameras
System with Monitor/VCR/1 Camera
System with Monitor/VCR/4 Cameras
Touchpanel - Handheld
Touchpanel - Interface
Touchpanel - Tabletop
Touchpanel - Wall Mount
Touchpanel - Wireless
TV Cabinet
TV Stand
Universal Remote Control
VCR - Real Time Recording
VCR - Time Lapse Recording
VCR - Time Lapse with Real
Video Antenna
Video Converter/Enhancer
Video Game Accessories
Video Game Controller
Wireless LAN Adapter
Wireless Router
Wireless Security System

A/V Cabinet
Armchair - Leather
Armchair - Upholstery
Armoire - Computer
Armoire - Entertainment
Armoire - Wardrobe
AV Cabinet -Lowboy
Bakers Rack
Bar Stools
Bed - Bunkbed/Loft
Bed - Full
Bed - King
Bed - Queen
Bed - Single
Bed Lift - Adjustable
Bed Rails
Bench - Kitchen
Chair - Computer
Chair - Dining Room
Chair - Kitchen
Chaise Lounge - Leather
Chaise Lounge - Upholstery
Changing Table
China Cabinet
Curio Cabinet
Desk - Office
Dresser Top
Entertainment Center
Home Theater Seating
Love Seat - Leather
Love Seat - Upholstery
Mattress/Boxsprint - Full
Mattress/Boxsprint - King
Mattress/Boxsprint - Queen
Mattress/Boxsprint - Single
Night Stand
Ottoman - Leather
Ottoman - Upholstery
Recliner - Leather
Recliner - Upholstery
Reclinging Sofa - Upholstery
Reclining Sofa - Leather
Rocking Chair
Sectional Sofa - Leather
Sectional Sofa - Upholstery
Sofa - Leather
Sofa - Upholstery
Sofa Sleeper - Leather
Sofa Sleeper - Upholstery
Speaker Stand
Table - Dining Room
Table - End/Cocktail
Table - Kitchen
Table - Pub
Table - Sofa
TV Cabinet
TV Cabinet - Lowboy
TV Stand

Air Compressor
Blower - Backpack
Blower - Handheld
Blower - Leaf
Blower - Push
Grill - Electric
Grill - Gas
Grill - Outdoor Burner
Log Splitter
Lawn Mower - Push
Lawn Mower - Self Propelled
Patio Heater
Pressure Washer
Snow Blower
Shredder (Lawn)
Trimmer - Electric
Trimmer - Gas
Trimmer - Hedge
Tiller - Garden
Trimmer -String





Do you cover loss & theft?

No right now we do not. We offer Accidental Damage protection on mobile products (cell phones, tablets, cameras, lap tops) , this covers any drops or spills that might happen to the device.

What currency do you deal in?

We deal both in American and Canadian currencies.

What is your refund policy for warranty plans purchased on the Warranty Life website?

Refunds are only available for up to 30 days after the date of purchase of the warranty. To obtain a refund, you must go back to where you purchased it. If you bought it direct from Warranty Life, please send an email request into along with the email associated with your account and or your warranty registration number.

Who backs Warranty Life’s extended warranties / service plans?

Our warranty plans are backed by some of North America’s largest and most reputable companies. We have identified the best providers of value, service and coverage and offer them to you in one convenient place. All warranty plans are fully insured. You can view Terms & Conditions of warranty plans prior to purchasing them, which also indicates the carrier providing the coverage.

Where can I view my purchase history?

Login, click on ‘My Account’ and then click on the ‘Purchases’ tab.

Are your warranty plans fully insured?

Yes, all our plans are fully insured. This means you never have to worry about the plan you buy, it will always be there for you.

How do I access my extended warranty / service plan details and terms?

On your ‘My Stuff’ page go to the ‘My Stuff That’s Protected, click on the item you in question and on the warranty detail page click on the warranty registration number link.

Can I buy an extended warranty / service plan on a refurbished product?

You can in cases where the product comes with a 90 day manufacturer or retail warranty. Our system will let you know once you add the product to your account.

How do I know what plan is right for me?

Warranty Life knows your product and will present properly matched plans with the best value and best features to you. We guarantee it!

What does In Home or Carry In mean?

In Home features mean a technician will attend your location to fix the item. This usually applies to cases where it is not feasible to ship the item back, e.g. fridges, stoves). Carry In describes a service situation where you will be required to ship the item back for repair. Your insurance plan will cover all shipping costs.

Does the country the product originated from matter?

If a product was bought from a country outside the plan coverage, it will not be valid. Warranty Life presents valid plans for the country you are in. Currently this entails the USA and Canada only.

What is a ADH warranty plan?

ADH coverage provides protection against sudden and unforseen accidental damage to your product, provided that the damage was during the course of regular use of the product. ADH does not cover misuse, abuse, theft, loss, wear and tear or cosmetic damage.  In the event of a covered repair, the plan will furnish or pay for the cost of the parts and labor required to complete the repair, usually  less a deductible.

What is a DOP warranty plan?

DOP means Date of Purchase. This means the plan is valid from the date of purchase and your coverage starts right away, instead of cases of it starting just after the manufacturer warranty has expired. Examples of this would include ADH (Accidental Damage from Handling) plans or service plans that have surge protection features.

Is there a difference between a service plan and extended warranty?

No, there is no difference.

How long after I purchase an item can I buy a service plan for it on Warranty Life?

In the USA you can buy an extended warranty / service plan up to 9 months after purchase and 11 months after purchase in Canada. Plans with special features may alter this time frame. In the case of ADH (Accidental Damage from Handling) you have 30 days as is the same with Replacement plans.

Can I buy an extended warranty / service plan from Warranty Life on a product I bought somewhere else?

Yes, you can buy a warranty plan to cover products you bought elsewhere. Simply find the product on our database, add some purchase details and we’ll then tell you what warranty plans match that product. If you can’t find it in our database, you can still manually add it and see what warranty plans are available.  

Your Account Back To FAQ Topics

How do I merge two accounts?

How do I delete my account?

Please email

Why can’t I edit my email address?

This feature will come soon.

What do I do if I forgot my password?

Go to the log in area of the site and click “Forgot your password” feature. Once you enter your email and submit, a temporary password will be sent to the email address provided. You can then log in and change it in the Account Section.

Click here to reset it.


How do I change my password?

Login, go to ‘My Account’ and click on the pencil mark beside ‘Password’.

How do I access my account information?

After you login click on my account in the top right hand corner of the page.

Is there is a cost to use Warranty Life?

No, not unless you’re a business using our system to manage and track your assets.

How long do you store my product information for?

We keep a permanent record of all your items that are entered into the system. Regardless of whether this data was entered manually or automatically when you purchased the item, you'll have the ability to edit, delete or remove your information from your account unless you purchased a service plan for an item.

FAQ: Warranty Claims & Repairs Back To FAQ Topics

How do I make a warranty claim on a warranty bought from Warranty Life?

If you have a claim, log into your Warranty Life account and locate the product in question. A claims phone number or other claim options will be found there.

What happens if I file a warranty claim for a product that I didn’t provide a serial number for?

If you don’t provide your serial number and your product requires servicing there will be a 30 day delay in the file claim process.

Is a receipt required to make a warranty claim?

Yes, a receipt is required to make any kind of manufacture or extended warranty claim. We highly recommend you upload a copy of your receipt on the appropriate product detail page so you never have to worry about looking for it again.

Does Warranty Life provide repair services?

On some items we do, but where we don’t, we’ve done some of the work for you by providing direct links to find repair information.

How do I fix a broken item fixed that has no warranty left?

We are currently developing a trusted network of repair service providers. Please stay tuned.

Where can I find a copy of the Terms & Conditions for a service plan I purchased?

Go to your warranty detail page for the item in question and click on the warranty number link. In the rare instance that you don’t see a link please contact the extended warranty provider directly.

How do I get a broken item fixed that’s under an extended warranty / service plan?

Go to your product detail page for item in question and click on the warrantor claim link. In the rare instance that you don’t see a link please contact the extended warranty provider directly. 

How do I get a broken item fixed that’s under manufacture warranty?

Go to your product detail page for the item in question and click on the warrantor claim link. In the rare instance that you don’t see one please contact the manufacture if the manufacture warranty is still valid.

FAQ: Privacy & Security Back To FAQ Topics

Do you ever sell or rent my information?

All information is kept confidential and never sold or rented to any third party.

How do I reactivate marketing based emails?

Login, click on ‘My Account’ and select ‘I would like to receive manufacturer warranty expiration alerts, monthly news and new feature updates.’ under the ‘Email’ section. 

How do I opt-out of receiving important manufacturer warranty expiration alerts, exclusive promotions and new feature updates emails?

Click to here to unsubscribe. You will continue to receive transactional based emails.

Do you take financial or payment data from a Warranty Life partner retailer?

We don’t take financial information or payment data from anywhere.

What do you do with my account information?

We keep it safe with bank encryption technology and never sell it. Click here to read our Truste certified privacy policy. 

FAQ: Warranty Registration Back To FAQ Topics

How do I register an extended warranty / service plan purchased on the Warranty Life website?

It's automatically registered after your purchase is confirmed.

Where do I find the serial number?

The serial number can usually be found on the back or button of the item and also on the box. Look for the following identifier to find the number: SERIAL #: or SER NO. 

Do I need to my receipt for future claims?

Yes, you’ll need your receipt to make any extended warranty / service plan claim. Simply upload a copy of your receipt on your product detail page so you never have to worry about looking for it again.

Where do I find the item code on my receipt?

You will find the item code on the receipt beside the cost of the service plan you purchased for your item. The item code is up to 12 digits long. You will need to provide 3 or 4 digits to complete your service plan registration.

Can I register a manufacture warranty through my Warranty Life account?

Not currently but it’s a feature we plan on bringing to you soon.

FAQ: Product Details Back To FAQ Topics

Who should I contact regarding a question about my product?

Please contact the manufacture or retailer directly regarding any questions relating to your product.

Why can’t I edit my receipt?

If your purchase was made at a Warranty Life partner retailer and your receipt was automatically uploaded to your account you will not be able to edit it to maintain its authenticated receipt status.

Why can’t I delete my product?

If you purchased a service plan you are not able to delete the associated product from your account.

Why will my receipt image not upload?

Your file must be an image (jpg, png, or gif) or PDF file and may not exceed 5MB in size.

Why is the manufacture information, product manual and/or support info missing?

Not all products in our database have all the information available but we’re always adding more. If a product is added manually no manufacture warranty info, manuals, or support info will be available.

FAQ: Adding Products Back To FAQ Topics

How do I add multiple items at once?

We are working on a bulk uploading feature but in the meantime if you would like to upload multiple items please email us at for support.

How do I add a product automatically to my account?

Warranty Life has partnered with several retailers to instantly transfer your purchase details to our system during checkout. In this case you don’t have to do anything.

How do I add a product manually to my account?

Please follow the 3 steps below.

Step 1: Click on the ‘Add More Stuff’ tab to enter the product name, model or description. The system will then search our database of 2 million+ products

Step 2: If you see your product in the search result select add, if you do not, click on the ‘Next’ button beside where it says "Can not find matched product?".

Step 3: Complete the Add More Stuff form:

Date of Purchase – when the item was bought

Place of Purchase – what store the item was bought from

Price Paid – what price you actually paid for the item before tax

Serial Number – usually found on the product itself, may start with "SN". You can add this after you add the item. If you do not provide your serial number and your product requires servicing there will be a 30 day delay in the file claim process if you buy a warranty.

Did you purchase an extended warranty? – if you indicate yes, enter the amount of time so our system can track this for you

Load Receipt Image - if you have an image of your receipt, you may upload this from your computer for your records. Alternatively, you may enter a text or HTML receipt. The image file may not exceed 5MB. You can upload an image anytime after you add the item.

Personal Note – any additional notes you may wish to make regarding this purchase

Why isn’t my item showing up in the product search results?

There are two reasons.

Reason 1:

We may not have your item in our product database but you can still add it. Please follow the steps in the response to the next question below. You will also have provide the following:

Manufacturer’s Name – the name of the manufacturer (only if item is not available in product database)

Product Name – the name or model number of the product  (only if item is not available in product database)


Reason 2:

You may be providing too many details for the item you’re searching for. In this case less is more. For example for an Apple iPhone 4 16GB model just type in Apple iPhone. You just need to provide the manufacture and model product name.

FAQ: Contact Us Back To FAQ Topics

I need support. What is your phone number?

In order to be as efficient as possible, we use an online support system organized by tickets. Our knowledge base has most of the common questions, but if you need to talk to someone we ask that you use our online system. If it requires a phone call, we will be in touch and are usually quite quick.

What is Warranty Life’s mailing address?


Warranty Life

4152 Meridian St. Suite 105-29

Bellingham, WA, 98226


Warranty Life

Suite 351, 255 Newport Dr.

Port Moody, B.C. V3H 5H1

Do you have feedback?

Visit our feedback forum to let us know how we’re doing. 

Do you have a specific question?

Visit our support page and we’ll get back to within one hour from Monday to Friday: 9am to 5pm PST. 

FAQ: Product Dashboard Back To FAQ Topics

What does total warranty time left mean?

To get this number we add together your manufacture warranty time left and your extended warranty time left.

Why am I seeing or not seeing up to 3 sections on the ‘My Stuff’ page?

Let us explain below.

Section 1: Here you’ll see your stuff for which you have 30 days or less to buy a service plan for.

Section 2: Here you’ll see all your stuff you’ve ever added to your Warranty Life account.

Section 3: Here you’ll find items for which you bought or registered a service plan for.

FAQ: Receipts Back To FAQ Topics

Do I need to keep my receipt for a warranty purchase or claim?

We always advise that you keep your receipt, however, you can load them into the Warranty Life system so you can access them 24 hours a day from anywhere. You can even access this on your mobile device in case you need it.

We're all so busy these days, we recommend uploading the receipt before it is forgotten. Our site will allow a receipt picture to be taken and loaded into your account from any tablet or cell phone without the need to download a special application.

If you purchased a warranty from one of our partners, we'll capture the receipt for you.



How can I load receipts into my Account?

It only takes a minute and we offer a few ways to do this. You’ll be glad you did.

  1. You can log into your account using your cell phone, tablet and go to the “Store receipts” section. You will then fill out the purchase information on the first page. Once you hit “Continue”, you will be given the option of adding a Receipt, it will then prompt your cell phone or tablet to take a picture. Once you’ve done that, it will load into the system and be saved for when you need it. TIP: place the receipt in somewhere with good light for the best image capture.
  2. You can capture an image of  your receipt from your camera, load it onto your desk top and upload it in the “Store Receipts” section after you’ve provided a few purchase details. If you have an SD card, this makes this faster.
  3. If you shop online, you can simply forward your receipt to We can ready receipts from some of the webs biggest merchants including,,,,,,, and form any country.

What is receipt authentication and how does it work?

The receipt authentication feature works for purchases made at participating retailers. Purchase information is automatically sent to the Warranty Life system using your email and produces a valid and legal receipt copy with a UNIQUE authentication code.

Entering the Authentication code will show the receipt associated with the code for verification for such things such as:

•           warranty service

•           warranty coverage

•           authenticates for resale confirmation

•           accounting

Only specific information will be shown to third party users. For privacy, when viewing someone else’s receipts, no personal details will show.

FAQ: Buyback Back To FAQ Topics

What is the process for trading in my device?

Go to our web site and click on “Get Cash For Your Electronics”

Find your make and model, the system will then get you an estimated price. Once you answer the questions, your price will be set, if you agree, press on the “Sell it Now!” button and complete your contact details.

If you already have an Account with Warranty Life, you will need to log in first. Once you submit the form, a Pre-paid shipping label will be sent to you (we pay for shipping). You pack and ship the device and get paid back in about 7-14 days via check or Paypal.

How much will you buy my device for?

We buy back a number of devices, simply go to our Get Cash for electronics section and look up your make and model. The price will be based on the condition of your device, once you've answered the questions, we will present a price. If you accept that price click on the "Sell it now" button and submit it along with the information we ask. 

Once you submit this, we will send you a confirmation and a pre-paid mailing label. You send the device back at our cost. If the device meets what you told us, we will pay you via check or Paypal (whichever you indicate) within approx. two weeks or less. If for some reason the price we offer is different then what you submitted it for, we'll ask if a different price is acceptable. If not, the phone will be sent back to you at our cost. 


What happens to data on the device?

Our secure facilities erase all data.

What do you do with these devices?

Devices are responsibly recycled or refurbished and sold in other markets.


What if there is a difference in price once you confirm the device?

If for some reason the device does not match what we expect to see once we get it at the warehouse, we will contact the customer and advise them of the new price. If the customer decides not to take the revised price, we will have it shipped back at no charge to the customer.


How will I get paid for my device?

You will either get in store credit, Paypal, or check by mail, depending on the retailer and what you opt to receive.

I've traded my phone in via the Warranty Life program, what happens now?

Depending on the retailer, one of two things could happen. If you received in store credit, your device now belongs to the retailer who will sort things out. If you are being paid direct by Warranty Life, the devices are sent on a weekly basis, sometimes sooner. When we get those devices, they are assessed and confirmed within 24 hours of receipt. Payment will normally be issued within 2 weeks of this time.

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Who pays for shipping?

Warranty Life issues a free pre-paid shipping label to you via email and is not considered part of the buy back offer. Whatever price we offer you, is what you get paid.

Can I cancel the trade once its shipped?

Once you have shipped the item back to us, we cannot cancel the trade as our system moves thousands of phones through every week, we cannot stop and pull one off the line. However, rest assured, you will receive top value for your device.

What if you don't agree with the condition of the item?

If you send your device to us and for whatever, reason, we don't agree with the condition it came to us in, we will provide you with a price adjustment option, OR if you wish, provide you with a free shipment back of your device. We also give you the choice.

How do I get paid?

Once you have sent them item back on our pre-paid shipping label, it usually takes about two weeks to issue you a check or pay you via PayPal. 

What is the buy back process?

Once you have found your item and agree to have us buy it back, click "Sell it now". You will then need to complete some details such as your name, address etc. If you are already a member of Warranty Life, you will be asked to log in. Once you have submitted the form, we will send you a shipping label via email. You then just have to pack and ship the item back us and usually within 2 weeks, you will receive a check or PayPal payment back, depending on what you have opted form.

How does your offer price compare to others?

We strive to offer the best buy back prices in the business. Rest assured, the price we offer is as competitive as you will find.

How do I check if you are interested in my item?

Go to the Cash For Electronics page and search for your particular make and model.  If you do not see it there, we likely will not be able to buy this back from you.

What items do you buy back?

At the current time, we focus on cell phones, tablets and gaming systems. We're working to add more categories as time goes by.

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What price can I expect to pay for a repair?

It varies between business and geographical location. Please check with each prior to your visit.

Are these authorized repair shops?

These listing are of qualified listings in your area. Some may be manufacturer qualified, some may not be. Please contact the location prior to attending.

What is your repair locator?

We provide a location based service of repair providers in major city centres. If you do not find one in your area, please be patient, we are continually striving to improve our listings.