Can I use your service on any device purchased from anywhere?

Yes, whether your device is new or used, our plans will cover you. No more worrying about things like this when you switch devices!

How is this different from Apple Care?

It’s similar to Apple Care, but at a lower price point. You can still get your device fixed at Apple!

Why is your coverage so cheap?

Because you are buying directly, we eliminate the commissions normally associated with programs like this.

Is my device eligible for coverage?

We cover any Apple or Android smartphone, tablet or smartwatch, new or used.

What do you cover?

We cover accidents due to drops and spills, not loss or theft.

What happens if I upgrade and change my device?

Simply let us know and we will have you set up in minutes. We want to make sure your coverage follows you.

What is your diagnostic app used for?

Our app is free to download, we need to confirm your device works prior to coverage being activated, the app helps us do that.

What happens if I don’t download and register via the app?

Your coverage would be activated after 30 days of purchase.

How do I make a claim?

Go to warrantylife.com/claims to get started. Claims approval can usually happen on the same business day.

Do I need claims approval prior to getting a repair done?

Yes, all claims need approval prior to a repair or they may not be paid.

Where do I get my device repaired?

We have a network of many stores that work with us, or you can opt to have your device repaired at a location of your choice.

What happens if the device can’t be fixed?

We will provide a like replacement device or cash equivalent.

How long does it take to get paid?

Depending on where you go, you may only need to pay the deductible. If you choose to go to a repair shop outside our network, we can reimburse you after the repair by Paypal or check., usually within 5 days of the receipt being provided.

What is the deductible for and when is it required?

Deductibles are collected during a time of claim where applicable. This helps reduce the monthly cost if there are no accidents.

How many claims can I file?

You can file up to 2 claims a year, which we should hope is enough!

Why is your monthly fee and deductible so low?

By buying directly from us, we eliminate the extra costs associated with commissions and extra premiums priced in.

When will I get the liquid screen protector?

It will usually arrive within 3-5 business days. We will also provide you with a free upgrade annually.

What is SmartSaver Mobile Protection?

We know that people are unique individuals who behave differently. So why shouldn't you expect that from your protection plan? If you opt-in, our analysis engine, powered by Artificial Intelligence will make bonus offers to you based on how you use your device.

What kind of bonus would I receive?

SmartSaver Rewards can eliminate your entire deductible. Opt-In and over 7 days it will study your usage and determine an offer!

Could my deductible go up?

No, your deductible would not go higher than what we promised.

Will I lose my bonus if I cancel coverage?

Why would you ever want that?

What do you do with the data you collect?

We believe in "Data for Good". We never sell or share your information with anyone without your permission. It's strictly used to help identify what benefits we can offer.