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Using the Warranty Life web based portal, you can start selling extended warranties within minutes! In the portal, you'll find access to everything you need including:

  • Training manuals & other supporting material
    • Ways to set up a retail store online or on the floor
    • Selling online
    • The best practices of selling
    • Claims process procedure
  • Different ways to order
    • Web based live order forms
    • API – for more sophisticated set ups
  • Marketing support
    • PDF Brochures
    • Logos
    • Best sales practices
  • Product FAQs
  • Inventory SKUs & Pricing Sheets

You decide how fancy to get. From simple web based sales anyone can do, to full technical integration, it's your choice.

There is no cost to sign up, no monthly fees or minimums and you can sell as many or as little as you want. Submit your application now and get approval, usually within 24 business hours!

Web Sales

With one line of code, Warranty Life can enable your e-commerce site to sell warranties and begin earning additional revenue negating the need for expensive or detailed deployments.

Our case studies have proven, our method of selling can achieve double digit attachment rates in some categories, part of the benefit you'll receive when working with Warranty Life.

Real-Time Delivery & Tracking

The Warranty Life way of selling is powerful, immediate and built with the customer in mind. Warranty Life offers customers a real-time, web based way of keeping track of their purchases from the retail store.

As soon as a plan is entered into the Warranty Life system, a customer account is created and their product purchase tracked. Consumers will enjoy additional benefits including manuals, manufacturer warranty/ extended warranty tracking and receipts.

Customers can then at anytime, log into Warranty Life and find answers to their product problems, leaving you the retailer alone to do what you do best.

Give the customer what they want.

If you don't sell extended warranties today, you need to. Not only do extended warranties bring customers peace of mind, it allows you to offer a valuable and in demand service product offering your major competitors have.

Earn Profits Like You Never Have Before!

Selling extended warranties not only gives your customers what they want, it helps you earn additional margins. If for any reason the products can't be fixed, depending on the plan sold, a replacement unit will be supplied by your store as a replacement on a cost plus basis. You make money on the day the plan is sold and potentially in a situation where that product fails.

Plans can cover almost anything!

Extended warranty categories available cover an extensive range of options including:

  • Electronics (TV, Mp3, cell phones, computers, lap tops, gaming systems, cameras etc.)
  • Appliances (fridges, stoves, oven, freezers, washers, dryers etc.)
  • Small Appliances (blenders, coffee makers, toasters etc.)
  • Furniture (sofas, dining room sets, chairs, desks etc.)
  • Lawn & Garden tools (mowers, weed eaters, drills, saws etc.)
  • Musical Instruments (pianos, guitars, violins, electric instruments etc.)

Works With Any Warranty Plan

If you've got an existing warranty provider you're happy with, no problem. We work with a number of different plans and providers.

Sell First, Pay Later

Warranty Life will give you the ability to sell plans without the need to stock inventory. When a sale is made, enter the purchase information into our system and the customer will be immediately receive their warranty plan online. Even if they don't have an email, the warranty provider will get the information and be ready in case problems happen. You'll then be billed on a weekly basis for all plans sold.

Reputation Means Everything

Warranty Life works with extended warranty providers who offer a combination of the best price and the best service in the industry. We negotiate the best packages so that you always get taken care of. All plans are fully insured, providing retailers and their customers peace of mind and security.

Hit Missed Sales

Warranty Life gives you the option of being able to hit missed sales for customers who did not buy the warranty at the store. Through an easy to use and secure data transfer system, you can send us customer purchase data and have us follow up on the missed sale.

There is no charge for this optional service and we only make money if we make a sale. At the same time, we pick up revenue that you wouldn't otherwise have gotten.

Drive customers back to your store

The Warranty Life system uses marketing techniques to drive customers back to your store. You've worked so hard to acquire them, let us help you keep them.

Why Sell Warranties?

Think about this, in the days before the web, retailers were seen as the main source of information for a consumer purchase. This would give the sales person an opportunity to sell high margin accessories like cables, cases or extended warranties. This helped bring the margin mix up to a level where they could make a decent profit.

Nowadays, the internet has become the number one sales tool for the consumer. Often the consumer already knows what they want before they go into a store and buy without ever seeing a salesman.

In store, retailers are finding it a tougher job keeping their margins at a reasonable level.

Overlay that with online retail sales taking about 18-20% of traditional bricks sales, and you've got a really big problem.

In today's highly competitive environment, retailers constantly need to find innovative ways to keep revenues while retaining their customer base.

Warranty Life works with retailers to maintain / discover new revenues while reducing churn and service burdens while offering flexible service options to both online and in bricks stores.

From small to Enterprise operations, let us help your business.

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