About Us

Mobile Device Protection….why are we doing this?

Our story began after seeing how manufacturers relied on customers losing track of their warranties to save money. So we created a way for consumers to track their purchases so they wouldn’t have to worry about that ever again. That feature is still available today.

Over time, we also saw how the mobile device market was growing. The pain points people went through when their smart device got broken and how difficult it was to find affordable protection. We saw consumers overpaying for coverage that often isn’t needed and in the long run, didn’t make sense.

So we decided we wanted to give people a better choice.

We removed the overpriced extras, along with the commissions and margins usually paid to the carriers so you can keep more money in your pocket.

Our valued customers get the same benefits, but pay much less, with the best customer service.

We believe everyone deserves to have their smartphone, iPad, tablet, and smartwatch protected from accidents and mechanical malfunctions at a fair price.

Warranty Life has become a leader in this industry and have provided protection plan products since 2009 with a 4.5-star customer trust rating. We...are here to serve.

Oh yes, did we mention we cover any device, new and used?

We are happy you’ve gotten this far, now let’s get you protected!