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L Adversaire / The Adversary (DVD-1N-01-0127573)

L Adversaire / The Adversary Jean-Marc Faure is a brilliant doctor. He is married to Christine, a charming woman, and they have two wonderful children. Surrounded by friends he s known since his days at medical school, he is constantly talking about the latest developments in his field. His work often requires him to attend conferences in Switzerland, lectures at the University of Dijon and affluent discussions with colleagues at the World Health Organization (W.H.O.) in Geneva. Helives a charmed life. One day, the unimaginable happens. Jean-Marc murders his wife, two children, his parents and then commits suicide. What the investigation reveals is even more difficult to believe. He never finished his medical studies. Unemployed, he drives around aimlessly, sitting at the W.H.O. s cafeteria, sneaking into lectures and stealing documentation on the latest research to keep up his charade. Pretending to invest family s and friends money, he has been living off their savings for years. For the last eighteen years, Jean-Marc s entire life has been a fabrication. A tragic story of a man, who rather than those closest to him know the truth or face it himself, he chose the lie...and death.

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