Our Team

Management Team

Richard Hui, B.A. - CEO & Co-Founder
The concept for Warrantylife.com has come from Richard, an experienced e-commerce entrepreneur who has already established three successful e-commerce sites over the last seven years and served over 100,000 customers. After listening to many customer complaints, Richard identified a chronic problem customers were experiencing which seemed to have no easy fix. From this analysis, the idea of Warranty Life was born.

John Almond, B.A. - Vice President & Co-Founder
John has over 25 years experience in the areas of computer graphic design, corporate communications, website strategy, design and marketing. During his career, John has successfully built and sold two media companies and consulted with over 100 clients regarding their internet marketing strategies. Currently a VP of Web Strategy at one of Vancouver's largest web development companies, John brings his wealth of expertise to the Warranty Life team.

Tony Daws, B.Sc. Computer Science - CTO
Tony possesses an excellent foundation of software engineering skills for producing complex, powerful, extensible and modular software. Tony is responsible for laying out the framework for the WarrantyLife.com project and brings extreme dedication and drive towards getting the job done. Tony has been responsible for over $40M of revenue for Full Tilt Poker Academy, and was the former CTO of Uxline, a top usability testing service.

John Thomas, B.A. - Project Management
John has over six years experience managing one of Vancouver's most successful web development groups whose clients included Canaccord Capital, Clearly Contacts and Coast Hotels. John is a proven performer whose leadership ability is complemented by:

  • strong sales skills,
  • a comprehensive understanding of software design principles, application infrastructure and creative design
  • experience in identifying and negotiating strategic partnerships with key reselling agents, including advanced content management system and e-commerce application developers.

Mohammad Barouni, PhD Computer Science - Lead Developer
Dr. Barouni has a PhD in Computer Science and brings advanced technical skills in data mining, web search engines, algorithm design and optimization, database design, architectural software patterns, design patterns and OOP. Dr. Barouni has published papers on web search engines and has won numerous awards.

Anthony Chu, B.Sc. Computer Science - Developer
Anthony has been developing web applications for the last 12 years and has proven experience in both lead and developer roles. Anthony brings solid technical and analytical skills to the team and has worked with companies such as Overwaitea and Ncompass Labs. His dedication, attention to detail and enthusiasm complement his technical abilities and provide excellent value to the team.

Advisory Board

Our board brings balanced business side knowledge and technical expertise.

Sanjib Raj Bhandari, ICT Entrepreneur
Sanjib has been involved in the IT industry for the last 30 years. During this time he has started numerous IT ventures, primarily in Asia. He is currently engaged in companies which are involved in software development, internet infrastructure, mobile money, digital payment systems, ride-sharing ecosystem, special effects and animation, and consulting.

Kevin Porter – Fortune 100 Executive Experience
Kevin has a deep background in warranty, having previously held executive level positions at Best Buy and National Electronics Warranty (NEW acquired by Asurion). Kevin has done many things in his career, working with National retailers to deploy $200 million in capital to earn $1billion in revenue and maintaining a weekly promotional analysis vehicle for a $12 billion retailer in the Midwest to track sales and profits leading to an additional $50 million in profits. With experience in marketing, mergers, acquisitions, strategic planning, technology & data analysis, Kevin brings a wealth of knowledge and guidance to the Warranty Life team and takes an active role in helping us execute our vision.

Don Dodge - Developer Advocate, Google (management)
Don Dodge is a Developer Advocate at Google helping developers build new applications on Google platforms and technologies. Prior to joining Google Don was a startup evangelist at Microsoft. Don is also a veteran of five start-ups including Forte Software, AltaVista, Napster, Bowstreet, and Groove Networks.

Richard Mackellar, Harvard MBA - Managing Director, Chrysalix (management)
For the past 16 years, Richard has been running venture-backed start-up companies. Most recently, as President and CEO, he successfully sold BrightSide Technologies to Dolby Laboratories for an annualized return for investors of 45-60%. Prior to this, he was President/CEO of NxtPhase, raising $57 million in venture capital and building relationships with GE, Honeywell and Mitsubishi as well as the three largest Canadian utilities and three of the larger US utilities.