Big Data for Retailers

Sell Warranties Throughout Your Channel

Retailers face increasing pressure on all fronts. In store purchases are getting lost to online orders which don’t typically produce higher margin sales vital to a retailers business. On top of that, pricing pressure from online competitors pushes prices lower while commoditizing product.

Retailers with brick and mortar stores and online properties have difficulty dealing with this and the ever more disloyal customer. For all, lower prices means online companies struggle with margin issues.

Whether you’re online, offline or both, the life blood of retail is your margin mix.

Warranty Life leverages its model to help retailers improve the sales of extended warranties a critical component of any successful business.

Big Data For Warranties

Many companies talk about Big Data, at Warranty Life we do it.

Warranty Life works with a number of different data points to make offers to consumers that they want. Most warranty companies make general offers catered to specific products, but not the individual buyers. Our unique technology focuses on giving the customer the choices most suitable for their needs in real time, making it a win for both the retailer and the customer.

The Learning Engine

We crunch data to identify trends from data collected at various touch points and adjust our offers on the fly.

This information is also used to predict future behaviour and evolves as new products enter the market. Our extensive research and development can now be leveraged and available to our partner companies.

Maintenance Free Programs

We have designed our solution to fit into any part of a retailers channel and be maintenance free.

With minimal effort, our programs deploy into multiple customer touch points such as:

  • E-commerce web sites
  • POS systems
  • Email
  • Re-marketing
  • Mobile apps
  • Call centre

Powering People & Technology

People won’t sell what they don’t know. Customers won’t buy without trust.

Our model not only supports retailer technology, but its people as well. We know maintaining a sales force and keeping them trained is hard to do. Our engine can provide output at critical points in the sales process to empower the retailer agent by providing them with the knowledge they need to best present options to their customers.

By laying out the message and giving the agent the information they need at the right time, agents gain the confidence resulting in higher attachment rates. At the same time, your customers walk away happy.


Our system can work with any retailers plan or you can select one of our quality partners.

Integration Made Easy

We know resources are precious, so we’ve designed our integration process to be quick.

Even enterprise retailers can get up and running in as little as a week.

Why Wait?

Warranty Life can manage your warranty program from top to bottom allowing you the freedom to focus on what you do best, which is sell product. Let the warranty experts do their job, while you do yours.

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