Extended Warranty Providers

Warranty Life offers extended warranty providers a platform where they can plug in their plans and deliver them to retailers/consumers using our technology.

Warranty Life does not sell warranty plans itself, but instead partners with warranty providers to bring their customers into the system to leverage our technical expertise.

We can load multiple plan options from multiple providers into the system and using technology, we make sure your customers only get served the plans you want them to see.

Warranty Life helps warranty providers move into the 21st Century. We invite you to plug into our system and stay competitive with times.

Benefits of a partnership include:

  • Free to the consumer, retailer and warranty provider to use. Warranty Life takes a commission only when it sells a plan directly to the consumer.
  • Ability to provide real time plan delivery to the end user
  • Tracks manufacturer warranty & extended warranty building transparency into the experience improving sales
  • Allows you to introduce new products and retain your customer base

Leverage our expertise to help your business break new ground.

Sign up today or contact us for additional information at sales@warrantylife.com

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