Wireless Repair Dealers

Is Your Business Focused on Fixing Phones or Other Mobile Devices?

If so, we’ve got a solution for you.

The smartphone repair business has gotten HUGE to say the least. With almost everyone owning one, problems are bound to happen. From simple failures to accidents, people need a place to go when they need their phone fixed — that’s why you have a business!

How Can Warranty Life Help?

Wireless is our specialty. We’ve developed industry leading products designed to help you earn additional/recurring revenue and keep customers for life.

Here’s how:

Repaired and Refurbished Phones

Warranty Life has been the industry leader in this space, launching the first protection plans in the repair channel years ago. In a new partnership with RepairQ, these plans now become even more accessible in the POS. For phones you repair or refurbish for resale, you can now easily gain access to protection plans that cover these devices. After you’ve repaired a phone, you can offer your customers a plan that covers them from:

  • Accidental damage from drops or spills
  • Coverage against defects
  • Theft and Loss

The Fleet Opportunity: K12 or Institutional Protection Plans

Many schools or corporations need to manage fleets of devices, including smartphones, ipads, laptops, chromebooks and notebooks. They look for convenient local support programs that can keep their devices functioning.

Warranty Life has also created a unique program that will enable local servicers to offer support for the device fleets of companies, government or schools.

Why Run a Protection Plan Program?

FACT: Did you know people who have had an accident or a defective device are much more likely to buy a protection plan than those who have never had a problem?

Dealer benefits:

  • Give your customers what they want while earning additional revenue on protection plan sales
  • Service all claims associated with those plans and keep customers coming back
  • Establish trust by backing your products and services with a third party warranty company
  • Enjoy a turnkey maintenance-free program
  • Maintain your competitive advantage in your area
  • Gain access to a large K12 and Institutional market
  • Don’t wait for the customers' phone to break; offer plans on newly purchased carrier phones

POS Innovation & Integration

Warranty Life has partnered with RepairQ, who has created an integrated solution within their system, to help deliver protection plans to wireless repair dealers in the USA and Canada.

The integration provides many competitive advantages and makes launching a program as easy as a few clicks. Why struggle with third party applications that require additional data entry and are clunky to manage?

Our integration provides significant advantages:

  • No cost to set up
  • Automatic Sales Suggestions ensure your team offers the right plan at the right time
  • Our proprietary analytics engine guides the marketing and selling approach to maximize sales
  • Seamless integration pulls customer data from the POS to support sales confirmations, claims, reporting and accounting
  • Auto-categorization and nightly updates alleviate and automate ongoing maintenance
  • An integrated verification checklist ensures devices are compliant and maintains the health of the program

How Do I Get Started?

A few clicks is all it takes, but first we need to know who you are.

If you are a RepairQ customer already, contact sales@warrantylife.com and we can get you started on your setup.

Not a RepairQ customer? We’d be happy to demonstrate how our program works and let you decide. Sign-up for a RepairQ demo.

Otherwise, what are you waiting for?

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