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Double Your Profit on eBay and Amazon Marketplace

eBay has become a fantastic marketplace for buyers and sellers of all types, but because it is so competitive, margins are usually very low. Sellers do all the work, yet most earn less than what they otherwise could do.

Sellers need to find ways to improve margins and win over the competition.

How can Warranty Life help?

Whether an eBay seller agrees to it or not, a warranty sold on eBay is displayed as an option to a potential purchaser. When a sale is made, part of the profit is shared back to the list seller as compensation. This compensation share is a very small amount to what the seller can attain by working warranties into their sale themselves.

Warranty Life now gives eBay and Amazon sellers a way to keep this extra margin for themselves while selling items faster over and above the competition.

Here's how it works:

  1. Sign up for Free with Warranty Life

  2. Warranty Life will help you select the proper plans for your product offering

  3. Embed your listing to include a warranty.

    For example, if you are selling a tablet for $400 with no warranty, assuming a retail price of a warranty is $25, list it for $425 and include a one year warranty.

    *HINT: Buyers will even pay additional premiums above the $400 they would normally pay. Try listing items even higher to capture even more margin.

  4. Watch the sale happen!

    Even at the higher price, items listed with the warranty included can sell faster enabling the seller better margin.

    *HINT: Items with warranties attached from Warranty Life also help slower moving items sell where they otherwise would not.

Why does this work?

People who buy on eBay want to ensure they are going to receive a good product from a trusted seller at a great price. They will pay more for a product that is backed by a third party company such as Warranty Life because they know the product and seller has been qualified.

Buyers don’t want to deal with the hassle or concern of dealing with dishonest sellers. Even if the seller has a good reputation, return policies don’t often go beyond 14 days sometimes 30. Beyond that, the buyers are on their own with no further support from eBay. So if that product fails, the buyer is out of luck.

List your items as one of thousands of items already sold on eBay with a Warranty Life powered warranty.

Sign up free today and discover how other sellers are increasing profits.

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