How will a customer make a claim?

They will be directed to call the warranty provider and get their claim approved by an approved repair centre. The repair process is conveniently set up to make it easy for the consumer.

How do I know what plans to sell?

We provide an easy to understand plan matrix that suggests what the best match is for the customer. We also provide training documents and can answer your questions via phone or email. If you like, we can also arrange a web based training session with you.

What if I sell warranties now? Can I still use the existing provider?

Warranty Life is set up with multiple partners. If you don’t see your provider on the list, it may just be we haven’t gotten around to them yet. If you would like us to add your existing provider, please email us at sales@warrantylife.com Otherwise, try our existing partners.

Why should I try Warranty Life?

Warranty Life is a leader in the delivery of extended warranty plans in North America. We provide cutting edge tools that keeps your customer in mind. Each warranty purchased through Warranty Life is tracked and managed via our patent pending system and provides a fast, efficient and transparent way for consumers to track their warranty purchases.

How do I order plans?

Warranty Life provides various methods of ordering. You can simply key in the entry and data details into our partner portal. Each order should only take a few minutes and everything else will be done. You will be then billed on a weekly basis.

I've never sold warranties before, how do I do that?

We'll provide easy to understand methods of selling to provide you the best chance. It really comes down to knowing your product and asking for the sale.

Do people really want extended warranties?

You'd be surprised, depending on what product category you sell, you should expect 20-40% as an average sales rate. People want to be protected.

Do you sell accidental coverage?

Accidental coverage is probably one of the hottest selling plans available, especially with the growth of portable devices. Items like cell phones, lap tops, GPS, tablets and MP3's, things that get carried around are the most popular plans in demand.

What does accidental damage cover?

If a customer drops, gets their product wet or breaks due to an accident, they covered.

What if the coverage doesn't include accidental damage?

Then the item is covered based on normal or natural failure.

When do deductibles apply?

Deductibles apply on accidental plans. These deductibles exists to deter the user from being careless. Deductible amounts vary per item value and are payable only if an accident has occurred and a claim is being submitted. Items that fail based on normal usage, are not subject to deductibles.

Extended Warranty Providers

Is integration difficult?

Depending on how you want to set up, it can be as simple or sophisticated as you want. Most warranty companies we’ve talked to can get up and running almost right away. Talk to us about how easy it is. Call or email sales@warrantylife.com.

What about other warranty companies in the system, how will I be affected?

We track consumer data to ensure your customers are only presented with warranties from your company. For example, if you load a consumer into the system that has purchased a warranty, they will only see warranties from your company.

When Warranty Life follows up on missed sales, we'll make sure only your plan is presented.

How does Warranty Life make money?

Warranty Life's goal is to follow up on missed sales opportunities. When we make a sale we take a % of the profit. This incents the retailer to use us, as they pick up sales they might otherwise not have gotten.

Who retains the retail customer?

On retailers you bring us, you always have control, we work as your partner.

What about retailers Warranty Life brings in?

Warranty Life also works to bring retail customers into the system directly. If they already work with an existing partner, the warranty provider does not have to do a thing and the retailer will be active with Warranty Life.

If they want to change providers, we present our partner options.

Being part of the Warranty Life system offers you the advantage of new business and retention of those wanting a more elegant technical solution with additional value we offer.

If there is something we haven’t answered, send an email to sales@warrantylife.com%.

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