Warranty Life Mobile SDK

The Warranty Life Mobile SDK enables our partners to incorporate the features of our app into their own, including the following functionality:

  • Looking up details of a given Warranty's Registration Code, including whether or not it is registered, and what its registration requirements are.
  • Running diagnostic tests which ascertain the status of various features of the device.
  • Running a test which determines whether a protective case and/or a screen protector is currently on the device.
  • Looking up details of the current device, including what Warranties have been registered to it, if any.
  • Looking up details of any Warranties that the user has registered to the current device.
  • Registering a Warranty acquired by the customer to the current device.
  • Saving details of the current device, of the user, and of any Warranties being purchased.
  • Looking up customized offers for the user.*
  • Enabling or disabling the background service responsible for tracking user/device behaviour which is used to reduce the customer's subscription fees and/or provide other reward mechanisms*.
  • Receiving updates on rewards granted to the user through the use of the background service.
  • Looking up the current status of any Warranties currently registered to the device.
*available for some types of Warranties only

Warranty Life Mobile API

At the heart of both the iOS and Android SDK is the interaction with Warranty Life's Mobile API; For many of the SDK's methods, there is a corresponding one-to-one API endpoint. While direct use of this API is not recommended for use within production code, it can be helpful for development to have convenient direct access. Our documentation on the Mobile API can also help provide details that are common to both SDKs.

The Mobile API can be explored through our Postman documentation.

Mobile SDK Technical Details

Technical details of the SDK can be found here.