Warranty Life API

Warranty Life provides an Application Programming Interface (API) that can be used to bring several new features to your application or website. Some highlights include the ability to:

  • Purchase warranties in real time from our insured warranty providers from a wide range of categories.
    You will make the high margins on each warranty sold directly through the API.
  • Register details of purchases made by your users, providing them with our free service allowing them to track their purchases through the free Warranty Life product tracking service.
    When your users purchase warranties through the Warranty Life product tracking service on purchases you registered through the API, you can receive commission.
  • Lookup product details via general search or on specific fields such as manufacturer, model name, UPC / EAN barcode (via Scandit's API - see below), etc.
  • Lookup warranty plan details available for a given product.

Full technical details on the API are available here.

To apply for access to the API, please see the API Access section below.

Warranty Plan Coverage

Extended warranty categories available cover an extensive range of products including:

  • Electronics (TV, Mp3, cell phones, computers, lap tops, gaming systems, cameras etc.)
  • Appliances (fridges, stoves, oven, freezers, washers, dryers etc.)
  • Small Appliances (blenders, coffee makers, toasters etc.)
  • Furniture (sofas, dining room sets, chairs, desks etc.)
  • Lawn & Garden tools (mowers, weed eaters, drills, saws etc.)
  • Musical Instruments (pianos, guitars, violins, electric instruments etc.)

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Warranty Life Scandit Partnership

Scandit: mobile product interaction

Through our exclusive partnership with Scandit, we provide extensive barcode-related functionality to developers. If your application deals with barcode scanning, then you should integrate the Scandit Product API, which allows dedicated access to our warranties through Universal Product Codes (UPCs). The Scandit Product API also provides product information for over 25 million UPCs alongside a free version of the acclaimed Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK.

Scandit is a leading platform to connect consumers with everyday products through mobile phones. With its best-in-class barcode scanning technology, product data and analytics services, Scandit enables developers to build quality mobile commerce, payment and enterprise solutions. Endorsed by the global barcode standardization organization as its preferred technology and used by hundreds of companies worldwide, Scandit is the choice for millions of users around the globe.

To start monetizing your app with warranties and barcode scanning, sign up for free today!

Upcoming Features

We're constantly upgrading our feature offerings as we grow our business. Work with us today, get started and watch out for the exciting additions from Warranty Life.

API Access Application Process

To apply for access to the Warranty Life API, Sign up as a Development Partner and detail your intended use of the API. If you have any questions or concerns about this process, please feel free to simply email us first at the address below.

Further Information

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